This Is All Surreal

Unbelievable. It’s happening!


Thanks everyone for following my blog. I appreciate all the feedback I’ve gotten from my friends and family. It is going to keep me motivated to continually receive comments from you guys!

It has been a stressful few months as I have been dealing with the medical clearances the Peace Corps wants. I am officially cleared! This journey is locked in. Now I have to deal with another struggle, learning Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. I’ve been watching YouTube videos of lessons a few YouTubers have posted. I’ve learned some basic greetings and phrases. I’m nowhere close to where I need to be. I hope to gain a basic foundation of the language before fully immersing myself. The Peace Corps does require me to be, at least, conversational before sending me to my site. There will be a verbal test at the end of the three month Pre-Service Training that I must pass before proceeding onto my assigned job. No pressure, right?

The next couple months will be as stressful as the last few. Learning Tagalog, quitting my job, moving back home, and awaiting the birth of my nephew! I’m super hyped that I am finally going to be an Uncle! My brother’s wife, Liuba, is due on June 28th—right before I leave. It is really sad that I will only see him for a few days before I depart for the Peace Corps on July 1st. It’ll definitely be a challenge to say goodbye to my family for two years. I’ve always had the option of going back home to enjoy the comfort of my parents’ home, namely to eat my mommy’s cooking! It’ll be so different not having that option anymore. I’m sure I’ll adapt, but I’ll miss them greatly as I’m sure they’ll miss me!

With all this coming down on me, it still hasn’t fully hit me that I am leaving the United States for two years. I’ve lived within the states all my life and I continue to live as if nothing will change. I guess I am trying to cherish every moment I have here as my world will be turned upside down real soon. I’m going to miss everything here, for sure. As much as I hate certain aspects of the states, I can’t deny that this will always be my home. My friends and family have supported me all throughout my life and I am leaving all of that… I hope to come out a stronger person than I am now, assuming I am even a strong person haha!

Time will only tell with a journey like this. It’s scary as anything to know that I struggled when I was interning for Liberty in North Korea and to, now, face the Peace Corps. This’ll be a bigger challenge than ever before. But that’s what makes this worth it. Life wouldn’t be worth living if I didn’t challenge myself. I refuse to always be somewhere that provides me ‘comfort’. I will never learn anything about myself if I’m always taking the safer option. I hope everyone that reads this will do the same! Take risks. The reward will be incredible. It is this very aspect that ignites my excitement for all this to happen, but also scares me away at the same time. Thankfully, I’m a stubborn human being so I tend to make a decision and stick with it. Let’s hope all of this hits me some time in the near future or I’ll be in shock once I step off of the plane in the Philippines……..

One more post to come before I depart! Thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me throughout my life! Please keep following me!! 🙂



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