Last Hurrah!

“Just close your eyes and keep your mind wide open.”

These last few weeks in the US has been absolutely incredible. I am going to miss so much. I know you are all waiting to hear about the Philippines, but I have to talk about my latest adventures here in the states.

Mid-May, I took a trip down to Houston, TX to visit the one and only Johnny! He quickly gave me an epic food tour around Houston before we road tripped to Austin, TX to visit the Rosebaughs! Houston is full of amazing Vietnamese food. I probably gained so much weight in Houston and then in Austin. Christine and Kris planned to visit Christine’s family at the same time I planned to trip to Houston. Fortunately, Christine’s family planned to host a Crawfish Boil that weekend! Oh man, was it epic. So much food….and beer, of course. Tasty food combined with a hot tub to relax in provided some good times. Although the food was a huge highlight of the trip, Christine’s nephews were the spotlight (kids always are). Two hyper-active youngsters (two and four years of age) running around playing 24/7. These two had an endless amount of energy. Let’s just say my love for kids was heightened after these two rugrats. Crazy fun though! Shout-out to the Rosebaugh family for hosting me and allowing me to spend time with your family & to Johnny for hosting me in Texas.


I finally was able to pack my apartment up and move back to my parent’s house before my departure to the Philippines. It’s crazy to think I’m dropping my life here to begin with a clean slate overseas. I built so much here. The closer it gets to leaving it, the more I start to miss everything. You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Seeing my friends will not be an opportunity anymore. Eating at fancy restaurants every month is out of the question. As I moved back into my parent’s house for one month, it became more real to me. I have been sitting through Tagalog lessons and received my flight information for the Philippines. I know I won’t be able to spend too much time with my incoming nephew, but it was fun hosting the baby shower at my parent’s house. Too much food, as always.

Firefly! Firefly Music Festival, that is! This was quite the adventure! Amazing bands. Amazing people. Incredible event! My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves to the sound of some epic music. The heat and sun beating down on us did not stop us from having a good time. Florence and the Machine & Blink 182 were my two favorites! It was a close competition though. The sounds around the festival were unforgettable. I hope to do it again when I return! Will be posting a video soon. Already posted some pictures to my InstaGram!


Good times were had in my last few weeks. Experiences are always worthwhile. I hope to have more invaluable moments while serving in the Peace Corps. Only time will tell! I’ll post again when I’m a few weeks into training to tell you all about my initial reactions! Please keep in touch with me! I will do my best in getting back to all Facebook messages, Emails, and comments on here! Let me know if anyone needs any specific info from me!

I know a lot of you were wanting to send me packages while I am serving in the Philippines. Ship them to the address below and I will receive them when I visit HQ in Manila. I’ll be sure to contact you when I receive them 🙂 Thanks in advance! Just keep in mind, I might have to pick it up myself as I report back to HQ. These visits are not frequent so do not think your package was not delivered if it has been a significant amount of time without hearing from me.


I’ve always wanted to have an experience like this and here I am! It’s funny to think I always envied hearing/watching inspirational stories about individuals following their dreams. Now I get to live that reality! It’s thrilling. I hope anyone reading this will do the same. Don’t let money or societal expectations get in your way! Do what you were meant to do, not what others expect you to do. Imagine the possibilities and make it a reality!

Goodbye USA!



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