Graduation Day! Hooray!

I never expect to see a perfect work from an imperfect man.”

-Alexander Hamilton

Graduation Day!! Sort of…

The school year has come to an end! My first time being a teacher and I got through one school year (half actually since I arrived in September). We all have experienced the anxiety of counting down the days until summer vacation. I saw it in all of my students here at Campalanas National High School. Students were rushing to complete assignments and those who have completed all their requirements were showing a relaxed attitude ready not to come to school anymore—until the next school year, of course.

Every student had one task to complete before they could begin their summer vacation though—to receive clearance from all teachers saying they have no outstanding assignments. Students were swarming classrooms and offices to request teacher signatures all while teachers were rushing to finish their requirements as well. It was a headache for everyone! I’m sure all the students were relieved to complete their clearance.

The big day has come! Big days, actually. If you recall from my previous posts, this year was the first batch of Senior High School (Grade 11). Technically, there’s no graduations happening in secondary schools throughout the Philippines. However, the celebration of Grade 10s completing Junior High School was the big day for all! Officially, it’s called the Moving-Up Ceremony. It’s just like any graduation you would imagine, but a little simpler than a High School graduation back in the states.

The students all made their bow on stage followed up by their appearance on stage to receive their certifications. It definitely reminded me of my high school graduation sitting next to all my friends waiting to receive our diplomas. It was bittersweet. At the end of the certification phase, the top student in Grade 10, Dwight, gave a valedictorian speech. It was extremely heartfelt and made most of the students, teachers, and parents cry. Well done, Dwight!


Parents were proud. Students were elated. The atmosphere was like no other. I wish all of the Grade 11s good luck in their studies in the upcoming year!

The Moving Up Ceremony was followed up by the Recognition Day! The entire school gathered to watch as students were recognized for their accomplishments throughout the school year plus the performances every section were about display! Students throughout the school were awarded their certifications for participating in DepED contests as well as students who scored above a 90 average. Congrats to everyone!

The performances were awesome. Each grade level had a theme to perform: Festival Dance, Folk dance, interpretive dance, etc. The creativity among the students definitely showed in each section. No videos (sorry!) but here are some pictures!

Doing my best to contribute to the future of the Philippines, the students. Let’s hope I can do at least something! Haha. As always, message me via FB or comment below!


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